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“Amigo! …Kick Off Those Boots, Pour Yourself a Tequila, and Git’ Yourself a FREE Download From the Most Adventurous Spaghetti Western Rock Bands of all time…”

And now you can download 2 of their hit songs for FREE!

and be an “Official Amigo” to receive updates on upcoming Live Performances.

Listen to what others are saying about The DANGALEROS !

” UNPREDICTABLE and addicting, the Dangaleros are my new favorite band.    I really LOVE every song on this debut album!“  RAQUEL WATERS, Exotic Dancer, New York, NY

” So much of todays music bores me.  EXTREMELY refreshing to finally hear UNIQUE and FUN MUSIC with good lyrics.  I really dig these guys. “  BOB COOK, Rojos Surfboards, Santa Cruz, Ca.

” IMPRESSIVE !  So many different RAW influences coming together, I get lost in their world.  “ PATRICIA ADKINS, Real Estate, Baja Mexico

“WOW! What a SENSATIONAL first album, Chock full of GREAT SONGS!”  BRIAN REED, Airport Voyeur, San Diego, Ca.

If Ennio Morricone were to have an illegitimate child with ROGER MILLER , Joey Ramone, SAMMY HAGAR , Little Richard, COUNTRY DICK MONTANA, Stan Ridgway, Duane Eddy,Robin Zander, JERRY REED, Kid Rock, RONNIE VAN ZANT,  Rick James, GEORGE THOROGOOD, Adam Ant,  PERRY FARRELL, David Lee Roth, JD WILKES, Rev Horton Heat, DICK DALE, Dave Vanian of The Damned, Olga of the Toy Dolls, Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor and Zombierella of the Messur Chups…..

Then you almost have the DNA Strand Sequence behind RANCE LANE….and THE DANGALEROS!!!

In short, if you are a Fan of Legendary Unique Bands that Defy Genre such as The Clash, VAN HALEN with SAMMY,  Janes Addiction, LYNYRD SKYNRD, Wall of Voodoo, CHEAP TRICK, Adam and the Ants, PRIMUS, Robert Rodriguez of CHINGON and others like ’em then……..The DANGALEROS are a MUST HAVE for your collection!!!

For a limited time we are giving away two FREE Hit singles from our debut album . . . i CUIDADO !  Here Comes The Dangaleros.

Just enter your name and email address under that Big Red Arrow and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks.

So enter your name and email address now, load up your ipod, and hit the road. Because as the legendary singer/songwriter Colby Pollard mentioned in regards to The Dangaleros music, “it’s good FUN music to listen, cruise and ride life to…”

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